Breanne Ezarik is Justine's other sister.

Breanne Ezarik
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July 8, 1987



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Breanne Ezarik (MinutesOfBre)

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Pharmacist at Target

History Edit

Breanne is related to Justine and Jenna. She is the middle child, born to Michelle and Steve Ezarik in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a pharmacist at Target.[1]

Appearances Edit

Breanne hasn't appeared on any other YouTube channels, besides the ones that belong to her siblings.

Trivia Edit

  • She happens to be Justine's less known sister, since Jenna is known and talked about more. Possibility for this may be:
  • She's planning to have a wedding in May.[2]
  • Her hair colour is pretty similar to Jenna's.
    • At one point, she had lighter hair.
  • Her sisters forced her to make a YouTube channel, which might explain why it's inactive.
    • Only four videos have been uploaded to her channel, all shown down below.
    • Because of this, Breanne says that she doesn't have a YouTube channel, when being featured in a video with Justine and/or Jenna.
  • Breanne is a middle child, between Justine and Jenna.
  • Breanne does not have very good editing skills.
    • This is proved in her video TICKLE TICKLE, which is unedited. In that video, she confirms that she doesn't know how to edit.

Gallery Edit


These are all four of Breanne's videos, shown on her inactive YouTube channel.

References Edit

  1. Fast friendly pharmacist! - Video from ijustinesiphone
  2. UNFORGIVABLE | #AskJenna

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