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eJustine is iJustine's alter ego, who has brown hair, which is mostly undone, goggles, and a jacket.  She commonly talks against iJustine, and gets annoyed by iJustine.

Character Edit

eJustine does not have her own channel, because she is shown less than iJustine. eJustine gets annoyed by iJustine, and does not agree with most of her actions. eJustine doesn't cook well, and chooses to buy snacks instead. eJustine doesn't like to talk to people, and prefers to talk to her friends online, and she uses technical words (communication device instead of iPhone, etc;) She gets frustrated easily. She prefers easier things than iJustine, because she is the opposite of iJustine. She does stuff online, such as sending eCards to internet friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Justine has stopped making eJustine videos.

Videos Edit

ASK eJUSTINE!!???? (Ask iJ -37) - iJustine05:43

ASK eJUSTINE!!???? (Ask iJ -37) - iJustine

Craziest roommate ever.03:06

Craziest roommate ever..? - iJustine

IJustine meets eJustine - iJustine02:21

IJustine meets eJustine - iJustine

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