" I, Justine - An Analog Memoir " is a book that Justine Ezarik Published on 2nd June 2015 by Simon and Schuster, priced at USD $22.99.

I, Justine - An Analog Memoir
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Front cover


Justine Ezarik


Simon and Schuster

Publishing Date

2nd, June, 2015


$22.99 USD, £8.99 GBP

Chapters Edit

  1. Introduction
  2. The Golden Rule
  3. Blond (Lack of) Ambition
  4. Sort of Making it in the Real World
  5. The Oatmeal Face, and Other Heartbreaking Works of Staggering Genius
  6. And Now, for the Talent Portion . . .
  7. Orbiting Macworld
  8. One Night Only
  10. Pivot
  11. iJustine Goes West
  12. Going Mainstream
  13. Fair Game
  14. Almost Famous
  15. Meant to Be
  16. Acknowledgements

Book Tours Edit

First book tour

Gallery Edit

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