Rules Edit


Holy moly! Welcome to the Wiki! Like most wikis, we have rules you must follow. Please read them carefully.

  1. No Swearing. You may censor swearing if it's not meant to be offensive.
  2. No Pornographic or Inappropriate Pictures
  3. You may edit your own user in any way you like. However, it must follow the first and second rule.
  4. Do not spam or advertise.
  5. Do not harass an admin, or Wikia staff.
  6. Do not post anything that violates these policies on forms, websites, etc; related to the wiki.
  7. Regarding subscriber count, you may update the number whenever you would like.
  8. If an individual doesn't have a YouTube Channel, such as eJustine or Matthew Garrix, write that their first video was their first appearance. If the individual has separate social media, such as Matthew Garrix, you may add their username, as @placeholder.
  9. Please do not vandalism.

Consequences Edit

  1. Swearing will get you a warning the first time, but after that, you will only get 24 hour bans.
  2. Posting porn will get you banned infinity. An inappropriate picture will only get removed, and you will be reminded to not post such content.
  3. Spamming and advertising is not allowed. Doing so will get you banned for a month if done more than twice.
    1. If you continue to spam through your talk page, you may lose your right to edit your own talk page. If needed, the ban may be extended.
  4. Harassing another user gets you banned for two weeks.
  5. If caught vandalizing, you will be blocked infinitely. This includes userpages.
    1. You may edit a userpage if you have permission. If you edit a page without permission, and without the intention to disturb the page, you will be warned.

When no admins are available, please go to the VSTF wiki, and report the issue to them. A VSTF member will come to this wiki and take action.

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